Trans Theories

Socially Acceptable Transphobia

I have written and spoke about this topic several times, and I will say it again. To say that you won’t date a transgender person, it is not a preference, it is transphobia. And no, this does not mean I am requiring you to be attracted to me.

A preference is when you look at one characteristic of a person and you gauge how much you like it or not. And then you take that and you compare it with how much you like all the other characteristics of a person and then decide whether you want to date them. When you reduce people down to one characteristic and make a decision whether you want to date them or not based off of that, it is not a preference.

It is not a preference if men won’t date any tall girls. It is not a preference if women won’t date Asian guys. It is not a preference when men say that they won’t date transgender women!!!

Don’t worry though guys. While it is still transphobia it is socially acceptable transphobia.