Sophia Lee Dev

For a few years now, I have been maintaining this site as a personal blog where I been posting all sorts of things about myself. I live very openly and genuinely and am very transparent online. Most of my online presence is on my Twitter account @GeekGirl1024 and many people follow me on that account. That is my personal account and it is where I tweet everything from Transgender Issues, Feminism, Race, Politics, Technology and Selfies. My followers on Twitter includes Tech Experts, LGBTQIA organizations, Politicians and people who mostly follow Transgender Porn accounts. (My Twitter account is not a transgender porn account) I find it humorous that all of these people from different backgrounds follow me and listen to me talk about all the different aspects of my life. I love being able to talk to such a diverse group of people, and I find it funny to think about Leaders and Experts of Technology looking at my selfies and reading my Transgender shitpostings. But I decided that it would be good if I had a more professional persona where new people would be able to see my skills, talents and the impacts of my work, before they see the more fun, opinionated and silly side of me. I will still be doing my writing, being myself, posting cute selfies all over the internet, but on this site I am going to be a little bit more professional. I will still be linking back and forth between my 2 sites because it is important for me to be genuine, but on my new site I will be just have a different emphasis.

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