Why Apple’s iMessage sucks and RCS is the future

Honestly I really don’t like how Apple does business. They are industry leading in many ways but they always do it in proprietary ways. Their charging cables, dongles, and accessories are all examples of this, and so is iMessage. Apple’s iMessage is actually a great product that was executed well and works very well for their customers. The problem is that it is a closed proprietary communications standard. What this means is that it is essentially a secret language that only other apple devices can use, hence why it cannot be used by any other device. I view apple fans who sing the praise of iMessage as people who came up with their own language, didn’t publish the language outside of the group, and make fun of people outside of the group for not knowing the secret language.

This is where RCS comes in. RCS is a communication standard that is to replace SMS/MMS text messaging. It is an open standard that does nearly everything that iMessage does and is open to all devices, including Apple devices.

So now here we are. Will Apple bring RCS to their devices? Or will they consider bringing iMessage to other platforms?