Monthly Archives: April 2016

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Transitioning, A Family Affair

While it shouldn’t be, loving a transgender person is a brave thing to do.

It is well known that when coming out of the closet, the risk of us losing family and friends is very real and much too common. Something that is talked about a lot less though is what happens to our friends and family that stand by our side when we come out of the closet. Our friends and family also have to come out to others as somebody who is the mother/father/daughter/son/sister/brother/friend/boyfriend/girlfriend of somebody who is transgender and they have to bare the societal shame of being so just like we do.

While it shouldn’t be, loving a transgender person is a brave thing to do, and as we lose friends and family who cannot accept us, the ones who do accept us also risk losing friends and family just by loving who we are.

Thank you all who are brave enough to stand with us, to fight with us and to love us.

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Depression and Anxiety

The last year I have been suffering from depression and anxiety. In fact, I have come to realize I been suffering from depression and anxiety from various issues my entire life. I am a lot better now that I have been able to receive help for this via medications and therapy.

Due to my anxiety and my inability to deal with people and situations I found very triggering, I hid myself away from Facebook and other social networks the last year. I have worked myself up to the point where I want to interact with people, but I want people to know this part about me.

I am at this point still not good. Most of my mental strength is very much so withered away and I am unable to do a lot of things that I once loved to do. I can’t devote myself to marathon training, nor can I work on any of the programming projects that I used to love doing.

I am not miserable, I am able to function. I am just unable to devote myself to the big things that I used to do due to not having the mental strength to push myself anymore. I instead try to live day to day and build myself up doing small things.

One day I’ll be back to my normal self but today I am concentrating on my happiness first.