Trans Theories

Depression and Anxiety

The last year I have been suffering from depression and anxiety. In fact, I have come to realize I been suffering from depression and anxiety from various issues my entire life. I am a lot better now that I have been able to receive help for this via medications and therapy.

Due to my anxiety and my inability to deal with people and situations I found very triggering, I hid myself away from Facebook and other social networks the last year. I have worked myself up to the point where I want to interact with people, but I want people to know this part about me.

I am at this point still not good. Most of my mental strength is very much so withered away and I am unable to do a lot of things that I once loved to do. I can’t devote myself to marathon training, nor can I work on any of the programming projects that I used to love doing.

I am not miserable, I am able to function. I am just unable to devote myself to the big things that I used to do due to not having the mental strength to push myself anymore. I instead try to live day to day and build myself up doing small things.

One day I’ll be back to my normal self but today I am concentrating on my happiness first.