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Politics, Trans Theories

Transphobia at the Library 2

Transgender women are women, Transgender men are men, Non binary people are valid. These are the things that the Women’s Liberation Front is arguing against. We don’t argue the humanity of black people, we don’t argue women’s right to vote, we don’t argue gay people’s right to marriage. So then why are we allowing this …

Politics, Trans Theories

Transphobia at the Library

I would like to talk about the event on February the First where the Women’s Liberation Front is coming to argue against the rights of transgender people to live as their authentic selves. This event is extremely problematic as it takes transgender people, a protected class within Washington State Law and debates the humanity of …


Why Apple’s iMessage sucks and RCS is the future

Honestly I really don’t like how Apple does business. They are industry leading in many ways but they always do it in proprietary ways. Their charging cables, dongles, and accessories are all examples of this, and so is iMessage. Apple’s iMessage is actually a great product that was executed well and works very well for …