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I have been recently spending my Saturday evenings with an amazing group of Korean American women connecting on our lived experiences and cultures in a new organization called Korean Americans Living their Best Identity or KALBI for short. (Anyone else want to get Korean BBQ all of a sudden?)

The amazing people behind KALBI is still in it’s early phases and still figuring out what direction to take the organization, but it all of it’s work is centered around bringing together Korean Americans.

The cohort I was a part of together called ourselves OG-KALBI, because we were the first group outside of the founders to go through the program. From going through the program, we did a lot of connecting with each other, our cultures and experiences and we wanted to share some of that with the rest of the world, so we setup a new website called OG-KALBI From now on I will be posting most of my Asian/Korean American posts on OG-KALBI. I will still create posts here to connect to OG-KALBI so that anyone who pays attention to my blog only doesn’t need to keep up with a separate blog.