Trans Theories

How to Date a Transgender Woman

Transgender Women; yes, I know we are amazing. I don’t blame anyone one of you guys for wanting to date us. We are strong, confident and smart people. Through our difficult past, we grow this amazing ability to love ourselves and to live our lives genuinely. You have identified that amazing transgender woman of your dreams and you have no clue how to approach her…

Well I am here to help! Here is a basic how to guide on how to date a Transgender Woman!

Do your homework.

We live in an age where there is tons and tons of information easily searchable online. There are many websites and articles about Transgender People and Transgender Issues. Please do some basic reading so we do not have to teach you transgender 101. We will help you along the way but please don’t treat us as your only source of information.

Don’t ask us about our private parts.

Our private parts are private. Just because you might want to have sex with us sometime down the future does not give you the right to know private information about our bodies. If things go well enough between us, it will eventually become a topic of conversation.

Be very careful about asking us about our lives pre-transition.

For many of us, this represents a time period which we would rather forget. Many of us are okay to talk about our lives pre-transition because it is part of who we are but please only ask after you get to know us first.

Understand that Transgender People are People.

We are painfully aware of the stereotypes of Transgender People, but in the end, we are just people. Our lives and experiences are rich and diverse as any other group of people. Transgender People come in all different shapes, sizes and backgrounds. We have so many different identities that make up who we are, and being transgender is just one of them. Don’t obsess over us being transgender.

Understand that Transgender Women are Women.

No being attracted to Transgender Women does not make you gay.

Be strong.

While being attracted to Transgender Women does not make you gay, the rest of society may not view it that way. Sadly, large parts of society still refuse to accept Transgender Women as Women. Being an openly Transgender Person is a radical act of social defiance. Unfortunately, it is also the same for those people who love us.

You will be questioned about your sexuality. People will whisper behind your back. You will be openly mocked for being with us. Some people may even think that you are paying us for sex…

Know that we appreciate you and we will stand with you too.

We understand that it is scary to come out to your friends and family that your girlfriend is transgender. (Trust us, we been through a similar experience before)

We will stand with you and support you and we promise you that if you love us, we will be worth it.