Sophia Lee for PCO!

Sophia Lee with purple hair and lolipop

My name is Sophia Lee and I am running for PCO in your neighborhood.
I am a Korean American 1.5th Generation Immigrant and a Transgender Woman.

I have lived on Cap Hill for close to 9 years now and I absolutely love living in the gayborhood. I am a Software Developer for Microsoft which I recently left to do tech for the Dems this election season.

I have been very involved in Politics within Seattle and WA state. For most of the Trump Administration I was the Board Chair for a Transgender Civil and Human Rights organization Gender Justice League. And I was a Co-Chair of the Seattle Women’s Commission. With these organizations I have been involved in various actions such as fighting against the anti-trans bathroom initiatives, the Reproductive Parity Act, the Reproductive Health Access for All Act, suing the Trump Administration for the trans military ban and so much more.

I am also currently very involved in local politics within the 43rd district where we live.

So I hope to keep pushing for progressive actions that will help our marginalized neighbors!

Also my opponent is a poo poo head! (Actually no he is pretty cool too but I am cooler I promise!)

And even if you do not vote for me, make sure to vote. If you are unsure of who to vote for, you can review the 43rd District Democrats Endorsement List or review the endorsement lists of organizations and newspapers that you trust.

Happy Voting!