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Does the Church Love Us?

Someone stopped me to try to give me a pamphlet about Christianity…
I told him no thanks, and then he said something about how eternal love with Jesus or something like that. I told him the Church hates LGBTQIA people.
He said that isn’t true, and I yelled back at him, yes it is while walking away…

The more I think about it, the more upset I am getting…
If he wanted to show how much he and the church loved us, where are they when their people show up to our Pride celebrations telling us that we are all going to Hell?
Where are they when we are targeted by the ProudBoys and WhiteSupremacists who call themselves Christians?
Why does the Pope speak out against TransgenderPeople?
Where are they when the CEO of chick-fil-a, a company run on Christian values, donates to Anti-LGBTQIA groups?
Where are they when their Christian politicians push against things like the Equality Act?
Why were they when we were being attacked by Anti-Transgender bills and initiatives in Washington State and so many of the locations that were collecting signatures were churches?
Where are they right now while across the entire country “Christian” politicians pass Anti-Transgender bills?
Where are they when Christian adoption agencies refuse to let LGBTQIA people adopt kids implying that letting kids end up in the streets is better than letting these children grow up in loving LGBTQIA families?
Where were they during the AIDS crisis and our community were being turned away from everywhere while their Christian Reagan Administration laughed about it calling it a Gay plague?
Where are they while our community is still dying of AIDS because of lack of access to medical care?
Where are they when their shelters turn away LGBTQIA people even now?
Where are they when their Christian members kick out their LGBTQIA kids out of their homes?
Where are they during Trans Day Of Rememberance?

I am not saying that there are no Christians out there that are good people, but don’t you dare tell me that the church loves us…