I will thrive

Warning, this post contains themes of Mental Health.

This is the last in a three poem series that I wrote while going through a lot of my trauma as a Korean American immigrant. The poems are meant to show my progression in the struggles. This one is from my experiences in being able to find my place as an adult.

I am smarter
I am stronger
I have overcome all the obstacles they threw at me
I studied the game, played the game, and won the game despite all the unfair rules setup against me
But even more so
I am my culture
I am bibimbop
I am K-pop
I am gangnam style
I am the spices that burn your tongue and have you coming back wanting more
I am art
I am teachings
I am history
I am my language made up of beautiful sounds that you can only hope to emulate if your only language growing up is English
I am doing this, and I will thrive

Sophia Lee

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If you are struggling with Depression, Anxiety or thoughts of suicide, there is help available.
There are various different hotlines that you can call that specializes in people of different locations and identities. Also if you are in the US you can call the National Suicide Hotline at 800-273-8255