Trans Theories

When a white girl calls you privileged

I do have a lot of privilege. I was born with 2 parents. I am able bodied. I got to grow up (at least partially) in the US. My parents sacrificed a lot for me when I was younger. I do also have a lot of social economic privilege but that is a privilege that I wasn’t born with but something that I or my direct family had to earn through sacrifices and hard work. To not acknowledge that is to insult all the sacrifices that I had to make, my parents had to make and even my grandparents had to make.
I know that I have a lot of privilege but on the other hand I lack a lot of privilege too. As an Asian American Immigrant Transgender Woman of Color, I had to work to elevate my life to where I am today.
Not only that, I work ridiculous hours day in and out at my main job, also work around 20 hours a week for Gender Justice League to help the community and I also do a lot of other community work. I spend a large amount of the privilege that I do have, not on myself but on my community and to try to make the world a better place.
When I talk about my lacking privilege, I am not trying to play the privilege Olympics, but I am being respectful of all the hard work that me, my family and people of similar backgrounds as me had to go through.