Tammy Morales for Seattle City Council

My name is Sophia Lee and as a community organizer and an activist, I endorse Tammy Morales for Seattle City Council.

For as long as I have seen her work, Tammy has always worked for the people. From her efforts of pushing for a more equitable progressive tax system in Seattle to her organizing against New Seasons grocery chains for worker’s rights, she has shown time and again her progressive and human values.

Today when residences of Seattle continue to get pushed out due to gentrification we need radical change and new policies that will help build a Seattle that will work for everyone. This means addressing food deserts, the needs of the working class, climate justice, and the issues of communities of color. No one else quite understands the needs of Seattle City District 2 with its multicultural identities like Tammy does.

That is why I am endorsing Tammy Morales for Seattle City Council.

For more information on Tammy Morales please visit https://www.votefortammy.com

All endorsements are personal and do not reflect the views of the organizations I am affiliated with.