Rebeca Muniz for Seattle School Board

My name is Sophia Lee and as a Transgender Rights Activist, I endorse Rebeca Muniz for Seattle School Board.

Rebeca and I met through mutual friends and we quickly grew close through our love of organizing, protesting and tofu. Through our friendship I have found out how deeply Rebeca cares for the rights of marginalized communities especially immigrant communities, communities of color and LGBTQ communities. I have seen time and again how she emphasizes the needs of marginalized groups in the work that she does.

From my involvement in Gender Justice League I especially have had the opportunity to see first hand, the time and effort that Rebeca put into being a good ally for the Transgender community. The countless hours that she has spent fighting for the rights and needs of Transgender people. She has been a super passionate rockstar volunteer for Gender Justice League and have made tangible contributions to the success of many programs of our organization.

I truly believe that Rebeca will continue fighting for marginalized communities and will uphold their rights in all the work that she does in the future.

That is why I am endorsing Rebeca Muniz for Seattle School Board.

For more information on Rebeca Muniz visit https://www.electmuniz.com

All endorsements are personal and do not reflect the views of the organizations I am affiliated with.