Bai Tong Happy Hour

I do love a good Happy Hour special. I came in hungry after skipping breakfast and lunch (cuz I do that sometimes) and was pleasantly surprised it was happy hour. Many places have smaller portions for happy hour but if that was the case here I wouldn’t have known with the size of the plates I was given. I ordered a Crispy Garlic Chicken and the Fresh Rolls.

The Fresh Rolls, I personally call these Spring Rolls but lots of people seem to call spring rolls those deep fried rolls which I personally call egg rolls… Regardless the Fresh Rolls were nothing special. They were good, with fresh veggies and had good pork and shrimp in it. But what really set them apart was the peanut sauce that it came with. slightly sweet and very savory and super flavorful. Especially during happy hour, totally worth it to order these!

The Crispy Garlic Chicken, Omg so crunchy and crispyyyy. I don’t know how they do it but I wish other restaurants would learn how to fry things this crispy. Topped with a sweet sauce that does not take away any of the crispiness of the chicken. Maybe my favorite part of the dish though was the deep fried basil. Makes me want to grow my own basil just so I could add crispy basil to everything I eat.

Overall great value for a nice restaurant’s happy hour. Great food and convenient location. For me at least.

A+++ will eat from again!