Couples Voting Across Party Lines


Earlier today Nate Silver (@natesilver538) tweeted out these graphs that show how the the country would go in the 2016 elections if only women voted or if only men voted.

There isn’t much information on the data of these images but it does clearly show a large divide across gender lines, and it got me thinking, once we remove single people and people in same sex relationships, these graphs represents a huge divide of how people are voting across relationships.

It makes me wonder how people are able to be in relationships with a significant other that has such contrasting views with their own.

Of course because we don’t have direct access to the data that Nate used to create these graphs, we can’t really extrapolate how many people are in these types of relationships. And even with the data, we wouldn’t be able to extrapolate the information either given the fact we don’t have accurate data on people who are in hetrosexual relationships married or not.

Even if it isn’t super accurate I would love to see the data Nate used so that we could view it against at least marriage rates to get some general base line minimum percentage number of couples who are voting across party lines…

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